LC Headings Validated

Most of the English terms in the database have now been validated against LC authority records from Simon Spero's Fred 2.0 project. These records were harvested over a period of time in late 2006 and so are not the most current ones. For this and other reasons, the validation performed on the lcsh-es.org database is a not a hundred percent reliable, especially for subdivisions, but it's a step forward. I hope to improve the process in the future.

Terms that could not be validated appear in a lighter font weight. Some of these were identified as "see from" tracings in the LC records and are italicized; at some point I will turn them into cross references and insert the valid term.


Headings from the National Library of Spain

As of today, the database includes headings from the National Library of Spain (Biblioteca Nacional de España).


Interruption in service, Tuesday, May 15

Due to a planned power outage, lcsh-es.org will be unavailable for a while on Tuesday, May 15. The outage is scheduled for 6:00-7:00 a.m. EDT (-4:00). I will be out of town that day, so I'm relying on my coworkers to make sure the server comes back up. Please pardon the inconvenience!


Updated data from Queens Borough Public Library

A few days ago I received the final version of the data from the Queens Borough Public Library. It contains translations for about 2000 additional headings and subdivisions as well as numerous corrections. We congratulate Jane Jacobs and her colleagues on finishing this important task and offer our thanks for their willingness to share the fruits of their labor. I installed the new data on the server this morning.


Welcome to the blogs

The number of people using this site has been growing the last few months and I have very little knowledge of who you are. That's why I've set up these two blogs, one in English and one in Spanish. Even though I will mostly duplicate my posts in each blog, I don't expect all the readers will do the same with their comments. So if you're bilingual, read both blogs!

Anyway, I would love for you to share your comments and suggesions with me and the others who use this service. Where are you from? How did you hear about this site? How do you use it? What do you like about it? What improvements are most needed?